Astrological Forecasts

Bonnie Prebula has been providing astrological readings for 40 + years using birthdate, including time of birth, place of birth. She also includes Akashic Record information
Phone 808-397-3174


Ling Shinoda, Psychic Medium. Ling channels loved ones who have passed. Bringing profound messages from them & answers to any & all questions. $35/15 minutes, times can be extended. At 2:00 PM every Saturday afternoon she channels in a group setting $15/person, with a message and answers to anyone present. She also does energy healing, as well as Pet Communication.
Phone 808-392-8857

Grant Ito  Psychic Medium, Channels in Trance. Is a Past Life Reader, Tarot Card Reader, Energy Healer & House Cleanser. Readings $35/15 minutes, times may be extended. On Saturday afternoons at 3:30 PM he channels in a group setting for $15/ person.
Phone 808-383-3832.

Crystal Healing

Sally Squires  Medical Intuitive Healing. She uses Crystals, bringing Cosmic Energy to areas in the body. She knows intuitively each body site requiring energy replacement. She does not touch the body. She is available Tues & Wed, 11-1 PM Open for customers walking in. 1:00- closing by appointment. $35/15 minutes. Times may be extended.
Phone 808-308-8328

Psychic Medium

See above: Grant & Ling

Reiki Healing

Chris Bayot has been a Reiki practitioner since 2002 and a Reiki Master Teacher since 2005. Her intuitive healing sessions offer physical healing, emotional release, and general re-balancing. $90 per hour.  Training and house clearings are also available by request.
Phone 818-850-1362

Sacred Geometry

Kori Iha, Phone 808-354-4333

Tarot Card Readings

Sally Squires Tarot Reader and Medical Intuitive Cosmic Healer

808 308 8328