Crystal Cave Readers/Healers

Chris Bayot, Reiki Master/Teacher  Phone 818-850-1362

Bruce Chu, Intuitive Tarot, Manafesting, Healing Massage    Phone 808-778-2123

Grant Ito   Psychic Medium, Past Life Reader, Energy Healer, House Cleanser, Uber Driver  Phone 808-383-3832

Bonnie Prebula, Astrologer, Intuitive Mind Science Practioner, Distance Healing     Phone 808-397-3174

Ling Shinoda  Psychic Medium Reader/Channel, Loved Ones & Pets        Phone 808-392-8857

Sally Squires Medical Intuitive and Taro Reader Phone 808 308 8328


More about Crystal Cave Owner and Astrologer, Bonnie Prebula

Need guidance? Hello, my name is Bonnie Prebula and I provide astrological consultation for both individuals and businesses, granting my clients both clarity and offering them guidance in forming compatible relationships. Working with an individual’s natal birth date, time and place, (or launching date for a business), I make my clients aware of their inborn characteristics and how these characteristics interact with natal planets. I also help reveal my client’s strengths, warns them of their weaknesses and help them achieve their fullest potential!

I make sure my clients get the best readings possible through my extensive experience and connection.  But, you may be asking by now what makes me qualified as an astrologer for a business, let alone an individual. Well, it all began when I read the newspapers astrology forecasts for years as entertainment.  However, when I moved to Hawaii I met an astrologer in the neighborhood who gave lessons for the ‘real thing’.  I was instantly fascinated with forecasting and astrology, and dived deeply into the subject.  I always say “things become easier the more and more you practice them” and so, as I mastered pharmacy, I had more time to work on astrology.  I had been fascinated by Metaphysics and had no real experience in it. I started my learning by understanding the Sun Sign characteristics, then, the planets, transits and the coordination and the interpretation of it all.

I went on to study and practice Astrology for the next 40 plus years, mastering and testing my abilities until I was sure they were concrete. The ability to spend hours and hours delving into things to really understand the principles of it, and practice it, was an extension of the things I learned in pharmacy school.  While learning the skills was science, it took great time to develop that added psychic dimension to allow for interpretations.

I have used this information for timing and forecasting for myself, individuals, and businesses.  And, I have been extremely successful at it.

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