How We Came to Be

In late 2014 CRYSTAL CAVE OWNER and Astrologer Bonnie Prebula  asked Bruce Chu, a very talented Reader & Master Assistant for Manifestation, to Read for her. Bruce ‘saw’ this retail business as ready to Manifest, channeled the name CRYSTAL CAVE and joined with Bonnie in the new endeavor.

A week later Bruce telephoned Bonnie that he had a retail space for for the two to look into. Sooo, as of August 2015 CRYSTAL CAVE is  located at 3424 Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki!

Bruce mentioned to Bonnie that he had written a story in 2008 with a Kyanite Bar in it, and that this might be a similar venture.  Bonnie of course declared that a CRYSTAL CAVE could certainly have a Kyanite Lounge in it.

Over the past 2years, the CRYSTAL CAVE has attracted a team of metaphysical practitioners who provide a variety of services to our customers including Astrological readings, Channeling, Automatic Writing, Distance Visioning, Crystal Healing Massage & Reiki Healing. See our calendar for more information.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday – Friday
10:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday-12PM-5PM; 2PM Channel, Ling-Psychic Medium     3:30 Channel, Grant-Psychic Medium

Sunday-Bruce by appointment, Readings & Massage, Phone     808-778-2123

Monday-Nita by appointment, phone 808-741-0811

CRYSTAL CAVE & Kyanite Lounge
3424 Waialae Ave
Honolulu, HI  96816

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